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Welcome World!

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Before I journey into welcoming you to what this blog is about, I feel it fit to introduce myself first – seeing that this is a worldly issue I align myself with whole-heartedly, with some reservations as an introverted activist.

Who am I?

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I am Kyle Prinsloo, a fourth-year digital media student at the University Currently Known As Rhodes (aka Rhodes University). I am part of the LGBTQIA+ community – and as stated previously – an introverted activist. Growing up as a homosexual being, I faced many battles ascribed to the community: those issues being bullying, questioning of one’s identity constantly, the idea of reinvention, facing the problems of the concept of “coming out”, social exclusions. The list goes on.

As a self-described emerging adult – being both independent in body, but dependent in economic stability – I thought it was finally time to embrace my community and contribute where I can. I am not anti-heterosexual, but I am pro-LGBTQIA+ (or at least I’m trying to be). This is what my blog will be about.

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Why is this important

As I explore the spaces surrounding the terrain of being queer, I decided that this space I’m creating will not only be a learning platform for myself but for those close to me – and hopefully even those around the world. There’s been very little documentation on the relationship between the LGBTQIA+ community and social media. The aim of this blog is to do the searching for you in an attempt to filter the many corners of the dark web.

I’ll be tackling issues specific to (mis)representation and identity of and within the LGBTQIA+ community – referring to experts and academics. Don’t worry, this isn’t an academic space. I promise. If anything, I’ll be approaching these issues from a very “abstract” stance. If this intrigues you, then keep checking this blog.

Join me on this journey as you and I discover what it means to be a queer kid in this millennial era.

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Always remember, engage eagerly and unapologetically. 


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