Same love: Social Media as Protest Platform

TW: Murder, Homophobic content, Violence

In this blog post, I will be drifting from my usual anecdotal introductions to topics. There have been a few stories shared on my Facebook timeline over the past six months – content which is quite gruesome. If you haven’t gathered from my Trigger Warning, the content revolves around issues of violence and murder surrounding the LGBTQIA+ community worldwide. If what you have read is already triggering you, I understand if you cannot make it past this paragraph.

For those of you still with me, thank you. The first story is one we should all have heard of – the Pulse Night Club Massacre which stole the lives of 49 humans in Orlando, America. a man posing as homosexual entered the safe space for members of the LGBTQIA+ community, Pulse, and pursued to slay and slaughter all 300 members in the club at the time. The incident sparked outraged spreading further than just the LGBTQIA+ community.

Facebook created one of those solidarity filters for profile pictures to show support for the loss of the family members.

Various performances from Lady Gaga to Sofia Vergara surfaced on YouTube. An array of support groups emerged on Facebook in the hopes of sending light and love – helping the families in any way they could. These groups were also used to plan protests in respect of this gross violation of human rights. Humans from all sexualities, genders and creeds came together to rally against homophobia.

Elect This mtv lgbt vr shooting GIF

On the other side of the world, Russia constructed gay concentration camps. following that was the abuse a gay Russian violinist.

Heading home to South Africa, a documented report of all the murders and attacks on members of the LGBTQIA+ community was compiled by Same Love Support Group-Toti

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Social Media’s ability to alert masses of people who are unaware of these issues plays a big part in change. However, this change is not capable if you turn a blind eye because it’s not happening near you, or you believe you can’t make a difference. Your ability to bring issues affecting marginalised factions of society through a share on Facebook, a retweet on Twitter, or even a simple subscription to a YouTube channel that updates you on these issues, makes more of a difference than your unconscious scrolling.



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