Podcast on blast: Where to find LGBTQIA+ related podcasts

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The due date of my portfolio is etching closer and closer. I, as a stress-magnet, 11th-hour-struggler, and pressure-cooker decided to read through what comprised my “source of employability”, and one of the requirements was producing a podcast series. *Heavy Breathing*

Now, I’ve never actually engaged with a podcast – because I’d like to believe that I’m more visual than aural – but it got me thinking: do we have credible, insightful podcasts that do more than feedback appropriations of gay-slang?

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Well, I found five that actually speak to my soul – ranging in topics and themes. Here’s a little top 5.

  1. Outsports: a podcast on exactly what it implies – sports coverage on LGBTQIA+ sportspeople.
  2. Put Your Hands Together: a podcast show that employs comedy as its gimmick to speak to people – tracking LGBTQIA+ comedians
  3. Homoground: a 1-hour podcast dedicated to solely playing queer music – featuring queer artists from the underground
  4. HuffPost Queer Voices – Spoken Edition: Not so much a podcast as it is a transfer of written to audio. Interesting topics surrounding the LGBTQIA+ community
  5. GaySA Radio: The ONLY podcast-esque platform available for the LGBTQIA+ community of South Africa. Thought-provoking, insightful and free!

From my trolling on the dark web, this is what I could tally up for you. There is not a huge selection of  podcasts in relation to the LGBTQIA+ community in South Africa.

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Let me know if there are any you know of that are South African-based. Keen to train my ears and not my eyes for a bit.


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