Fictionalised gayscapism: Online comic books for the LGBTQIA+

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When I was a six-year-old, snot-nosed, Spicegirl-obsessed little boy, I remember reading X-Men comic books. I distinctly remember being Wolverine’s number one fan. I didn’t realise how tortured of a soul he was. Retrospectively, I probably fell for his muscles. Internalising his struggle in a more argumentative way, I realise that Wolverine was actually going through a lot – being a misanthropic, immortal, animalistic creature (Sounds like the prospects of what most men seek to be. LOL).

In my present mind and being, I look back and wonder why there were never any LGBTQIA+ characters. Where were my fictional role-models?

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I went searching for some eye-stimulating comics that have characters from the LGBTQIA+ community. There are hundreds of online comic books that speak to my community – not overtly about issues of acceptance and identity construction, but more in terms of how they navigate the world. It’s niche-ly utopic. Imagine being in a world where your sexual preference, orientation, and preferred gender was not a topic that had to be addressed by every backwards Tom, Dick and Harry? I found it easy to lose myself in a few of them. Here are my top 5 online comics for LGBTQIA+:

  1. Pride Guys: “The Pride Guys is an on-going webcomic about LGBTQ Superheroes featuring a cast of culturally and racially diverse characters, their personal relationships and how they take on their role of being queer Superheroes.”
  2. Artistic Process: “Artistic Process follows Collin and Alex, as well as their group of friends, showing their struggles throughout high school and how they deal with their identity. As the comic stretches, you see how the characters begin to express themselves in their own way.”
  3. Heart Hex: “A psychic witch summons a demon to exact revenge on her ex-boyfriend. The consequences of one impulsive decision reach far beyond her expectations.”
  4. Cupido: “Alec has the ability to see the marks that connect soulmates. With the help of a friend he sets out to help people meet the love of their life – while still learning about the various faces of love, relationships and people. All while trying to make sense of his own feelings.”
  5. Sometimes the Bad Guys: “The prequel to another, soon to be rebooted comic, ‘Sometimes the Bad Guy’ follows Jethro Todd and Alec Ballesteros. The two fight to maintain a strong relationship in a chaotic world; avoiding explosions, fires, superhumans, bad haircuts, and the legal system as best they can.”

Although these five suggestions have a strong gay theme, the site from which they came have various categories you can mix and match to find the comic best suited for you.

You’ll find all the LGBTQIA+ comics you can ever dream of right HERE!

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