Just another Queer kid exploring who he is, what he wants, where he’s accepted, why he’s not accepted, who gave the right for him to be rejected etc. etc. etc.

You’ll find some shit on:

  • Identity construction
  • Gender roles
  • Masculinity (and it’s relation to homosexuality)
  • Gay Apps
  • Anything Queer
  • My life
  • Whatever you actually want to take away from this
  • I just like seeing a lot of dots
  • Now I’m just bullshitting

By the way, I’m Kyle Prinsloo (also refereed to as Javier to some). I’m a fourth-year Journalism and Media Studies at The University Currently Known as Rhodes. I also dabble in Physical Theatre, and copious amounts of wine, drugs, spicy banter, and anything us tortured millennials go through.

I am also a pseudo-hipster is proud of not being proud of said title “pseudo hipster”.

If you hate this blog, you hate me, and that’s fine because it wouldn’t be the first time 🙂

Photo taken by: Kyle Prinsloo


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